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TE Fundamentals Module 2 - Token Engineering Process: Discovery PhaseThe first phase in the Token Engineering Process is the Discovery Phase to explore the system we would like to create.
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In Module 2 of TE Fundamentals, we introduce the first step in the Token Engineering Process: the Discovery Phase. We begin by exploring the system that we would like to create. This will later be the problem entity which is used when defining and creating the actual model. In the Design Phase (Module 3) the ideas are mathematically translated. Once this is done you can start to program the model so that eventually it can be tested - which is the Deployment Phase (Module 4).

Course Authors:
Andrew Penland, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Octopus), TE Academy Wizard, Open-Source Educator and Mathematical Researcher, awarded with MAA Teaching Award 2021
Kris Paruch, TE Academy Course Author, Founder Token Engineering Labs, Token Engineer and Cryptoeconomist at Cryptoeconomics Institute, WU Vienna\

Onur Solmaz, Ph.D., Math Animations & Education

Learning Agenda:
* Defining the System Goals
* Defining the System Requirements
* Stakeholder Definitions
* Interactions and Value Transfers
* Metrics Definition and Analysis
* Causal Relationships and Systems Thinking

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About TE Fundamentals:
The TE Fundamentals course is the first comprehensive education and certification program in token engineering. The course combines five modules. All modules are available as online courses. You can learn individually, at your own pace, or join one of our study groups that offer peer-to-peer learning sessions every week in many time zones and languages. Based on successful completion of an online exam, you can mint a NFT certificate as a proof of knowledge. Learn more about NFT certificates and the minting process here.

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