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TE Fundamentals Module 1 – Introduction to Token EngineeringThis first module of TE Fundamentals provides you five articles and papers that have been most influential for this new discipline.
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This first module of TE Fundamentals highlights five articles and papers that have been most influential for this new discipline. All come with an introductory video, where the authors themselves elaborate on their motivation and provide additional reflections on the concepts presented.

Angela Kreitenweis, TE Academy

List of Contents:
* Trent McConaghy: Towards a Practice of Token Engineering (2018)
* Voshmgir, Shermin and Zargham, Michael: Foundations of Cryptoeconomic Systems (2020)
* Trent McConaghy: The Web3 Sustainability Loop (2020)
* Joel Monegro: Cryptonetwork Governance as Capital (2019)
* Michael Zargham: Engineering Ethics in Web3 (2021)  

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