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TE Academy Study Season

Share, Learn, Grow: Introducing TE Academy’s Premier Study Season Program!

TE Academy

Start Date

Apr 25, 2024
08:00AM UTC

End Date

Jul 10, 2024
06:00PM UTC
Program Overview

🌎 Introduction

Ready to dive deep into token engineering with people just as curious and excited as you? Register now for Token Engineering Academy’s first-ever Study Season program! This cohort-based online program, offered for free as a public good, is not only dedicated to learning the fundamentals of token engineering but also actively shaping its future alongside a community that gets it.

As a participant, you’ll have access to all token engineering online learning material and will meet and connect with fellow students. You can even earn NFT certificates for your achievements—talk about building your career on-chain!

The best part? It’s about giving as much as getting. We'll have talks led by the brightest token engineering professionals and researchers, and our program comes with incentives for learning as much as sharing knowledge.
 Participating in our Study Season program is your chance to jump into the token engineering space, learn from our community's collective brainpower, and steer its course. Let’s drive the future of robust and resilient token systems together!

🏆 Ways to Participate

Whether you’re absolutely new to token engineering, have already completed a few Token Engineering Fundamentals modules, or work as a token engineer, there are many opportunities for you to get involved.

• Register now to ensure you don’t miss updates
Watch the Kick-off Session recording to learn more about the program and how to make the most of it. You are free to select and attend the sessions of your choice, and you will receive all details about the program once registered.
• Attend Study Sessions from April to July. As we have students from 21 time zones, we'll record all lectures to make them available to watch later!
• Be active! Ask questions and help answer others’ by joining TE Academy’s Discord server.
• Pass exams and mint your proof of knowledge NFTs without any fees.
• Interact with TE Academy and our broader community on X, LinkedIn, and Farcaster

🎬 Confirmed Live Tracks (+ more incoming!)

Track 1 – Web3 System Design: Token Design Thinking Framework: A Structured Approach for Crypto Founders, Protocol Designers, and Token Engineers, led by Shermin Voshmgir (Founder/Author, Token Kitchen)
Track 2 – Token Networks: Anatomy of a $7.6B Decentralized AI Token Merge, led by Trent McConaghy (Founder, Ocean Protocol)
Track 3 – Algorithmic Mechanism Design: DeFi's Concentrated Liquidity from Scratch, led by Mark Richardson (Project Lead, Bancor)
Track 4 – 360° TE Engineering Design Process: Reputation-based Weighted Voting: A New Primitive for DAO Governance. The A-Z Token Engineering Case Study, led by Octopus (Researcher, Eight Arms Nine Brains) and Angela Kreitenweis (Founder, TE Academy)
Track 5 – On-chain Analytics for Token Engineers 101 — Become a DYOR Maxi from SCRATCH Using ChatGPT, led by Roderick McKinley, Token Finance and Economics Advisor
Track 6 – Modelling and Simulating Decentralized Economic Systems with the Application of AI/ML, led by Muhammad Idrees, Token Engineer, BlockApex,,
Track 7 – dApp Analysis: Exploring the Complex System Oriented Approach, led by Giuseppe Destefanis, Associate Professor, London SmartBridgeLab
Track 8 – Token Engineering Value Capturing Fundamentals, led by Vasily Sumanov, Head of Research, PowerPool

📅 Key Dates and Registration

Wednesday, March 27: Registration opens
Thursday, April 25: Kick-off Sessions take place at 8:00 UTC and 15:00 UTC
Friday, April 26: A) Study Sessions start (register to access the detailed agenda!); 3-7 study sessions per week, you are free to select sessions based on your individual learning goals; B) free TE Fundamentals NFT minting opens
Monday, May 27–Thursday, June 06: Exams week
Thursdays, June 06–June 20: Free minting of proof of knowledge NFTs (no fees), Fellowship voting
Tuesday, July 09: Fellowship winner announcement
Wednesday, July 10: EthCC Token Engineering Track Day

Once registered, you'll receive weekly updates with everything you need to know!

🏁 Successful Completion

The Study Season doesn't have a single, unique learning outcome. Like in today's token engineering practice, you can design your own learning journey and goals based on personal interests and motivations. Most of the training programs offer proofs of knowledge based on a passed exam or homework submission at the end of the program.

The Learning Journeys We Offer:
• Study TE Fundamentals, pass your exam, mint your NFT without fees
• Attend lectures with token engineering thought leaders
• Participate in interactive learning programs and solve token engineering challenges yourself
• Learn how to design, verify, optimize, and implement a voting algorithm based on a real case

Hard to choose? No worries! We'll help you define your personal learning goals. Join our Kick-off Session to ask questions and get advice.

➡️ How to Register

Registration requires a TE Academy account and submitting the Study Season registration form. Click here to start your registration.
IMPORTANT: You will not be confirmed registered until you receive an email titled “You're confirmed for TE Academy's Study Season Program!”

Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQ section below or email us at We look forward to getting to know you during the Study Season!

Frequently Asked QuestionsFind out more about TE Academy, our mission, and our educational program in our FAQs.
How is the TE Fundamentals course related to the Study Season Program?

TE Fundamentals is a free, comprehensive, bachelor-level online course teaching the basics of token engineering. It’s available here at any time, everywhere.
The TE Academy Study Season is a cohort-based program from April–July 2024, including lectures and training sessions that complement TE Fundamentals materials. Learn more about the Study Season and register now!

Whether you are new to token engineering, or already enrolled in TE Fundamentals, our Study Season program is a great chance to connect with fellow students and the brightest researchers and practitioners in the space – and to continue or complete your TE Fundamentals studies.

What are the Study Season requirements?